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Howard's Notebook



  When I was growing up Jim and Betty, my father and mother, each morning would read the Kansas City Times obituaries. 
  My father would say so and so died. Then they would talk about him or her.
  I was thinking it was strange and odd.

Now, I am 73 years of age, I read the obituaries online.  My family thinks it is strange.
I hate it when I see that someone young has died.  (It scares me.)  I want to see all very old people listed in the obituaries.
  I have noticed something.  A lot of old people have a photo of them when they were very young to go with the text.
  I wonder if they picked the photo or if the family decided that was what they wanted for it.
  I see a lot of guys that are 80 or 90 and they have a photo of them in their WWII military uniform.

  When I see that someone young has died I always wonder why.  Sometimes the family will say something like "died after a long battle with cancer" or something like that.

  From time to time I see a name in the Kansas City obituaries that I knew. 
   Both the identical twins that I went to high school with died with in a year of each other.  They were the same age and me.  We were in the DLS class of 1959.  I was their godfather. 
  A old girlfriend died within the last year. She was younger than I am.  Her older brother, about my age, died a few months later.  They were very close and I wonder if he might have taken his own life.

  Someday my family will have to decide on what photo to include of me.  Someday people are going to read my name in the obituaries. 
  And so will it be for all of us.

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