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Apr 24 2014

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Film: “The ARTIST and the MODEL”

  I just watched "The ARTIST and the MODEL" on Netflix.  I gave it three stars but maybe I should have given it four stars. 
  If you are looking for nudity well then this is the video for you.  The model is nude most of the movie and they don’t try and hid her.

IMDB – The Artist and the Model (2012)

Wikipedia – The Artist and the Model

Jim Howard
I have always been into communications.
In the early 1960s I put out a publication, "SWL", world wide. I also did a radio program that was broadcast or shortwave radio. It was broadcast over WRUL radio.
I hosted a convention in Kansas City (MO).
I was one of the founders of the very first People-to-People organization.
In 1982 I started a bulletin board system called Howard's Notebook. It was one of the very first online sites. It was a "blog." This is before the world wide web was invented in 1995.
I was one of the very first to stream online video.
I attended One BBSCON in Colorado Springs (CO) in August of 1993.
When the rest of the world caught on to what we were doing and invented the world wide web I moved Howard's Notebook to the web.

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