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Internet and Facebook are killing us

Do not get me wrong…I love the Internet.  I am on it all the time.  I do everything on the Internet.  I would be lost without it.
But the Internet killed bulletin board systems.  The Internet is killing  shortwave broadcasting.  The Internet is killing Amateur (Ham) radio.  The Internet is killing newspapers.
Can you think of anything else that the Internet is killing?
Maybe it would be more correct if I said the world wide web was doing the killing?

I think Facebook is killing blogs and websites.  I might be wrong.  What do you think?  Of course there will be big sites and businesses and, of course, porn sites.

I almost forgot I think the Internet is going to kill television as we know it.  We will get our “TV” over the Internet.  We will watch it on a mobile device or out computer monitor or a “TV” set.
I wonder about AM radio.  It seems to withstand everything.  Just keeps on ticking.

I get now about 250 visitors a day to Howard’s Notebook.  I got more traffic when I had ShowMeBlog up.  But I was getting 200 or 300 a day there just looking for porn.  There was no porn there but the site had been indexed by search sites and people came looking for porn.
Some people think that I just want numbers or traffic here.  Not true.  That is why I moved away from ShowMeBlog.
I know how to get traffic here if I was just looking for numbers.
I want the sort of people that come here now.  People that are interested in content and in the stuff that I blog about.
Also some people think that I am trying to preach and convert people to my political point of view.  NOT the case.  I know that you can not change the mind of the other side.  People do not change their point of view.  I been blogging since 1982 and I learned that people have a point of view and nothing you can do is going to change their mind.
When I blog about some news story or some political story I am just doing it because I find it interesting and I think some of you will also.  It it might be some story that moved me.
If it is something political I am not trying to win over some Republicans.  I might be trying to show those that agree with me that here is a story and it is something you  should know and tell others about.  (Not that you are going to change the mind of anyone.)

Before the world wide web on Howard’s Notebook I attempted to present both sides of an issue.  But now there is no reason to give both sides.  My side and the other side have hundreds if not thousands of sites that cover their side.
Now if someone comes up with some good points and sends them to me:  showemblog@gmail.com I might post them. Or if someone leaves comments even if I do not agree with them I might approve them.  But I am not going to approve comments that call me gay or call me a Communist or that are just stupid.  There is enough stupid stuff on the Internet.  President Obama is NOT a Communist!  President Obama was born in the United States.  The 911 attack was NOT done by the Jews or the CIA or the U.S. government.  If you think it was you need to get mental health help.

By the way… I have a filtering system setup on comments.  It filters out comments from crazy people and comments that attack me.  I never see them.  It is like a spam filter on email. I do a fast check of it every few weeks to make sure it does not make an error … But so far no errors.  All the crap that it has not approve I would never have approved.

By the way…I am not crazy about the Democrats or the Republicans.  I think both parties are fucking us.  The Republicans are worst.  They are much worst but I hate both the parties.  I also am not happy with President Obama. I think he is a poor excuse for a Democrat.  But then again.. Thank God we do not have a Republican as President of the United States.

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June 6, 2013 4:16 AM

Well Jim, you started off with an interesting blog about advances in I.T. and quickly devolved it into politics. What a shame, I’d have liked to comment on your original thoughts here but they were such a short part of the blog that it seems pointless now. Try to stay on track more in the future. Politics are worthless and boring and I don’t choose to give the topic much attention, not so long as we’re ruled by the republicratic theocracy. Try another tech blog and stick to it, okay?