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Howard's Notebook


Winner of $337 million lottery ticket bought it in Michigan

    I did not win the $337 million dollar lottery.  I am going to have to see if I can get out of the contract on the $30 million dollar island.  I will have to cancel the orders for the cars, yacht and dressage horse.

The new PowerBall lottery is now only worth $26.7 million cash value.  I will not be buying a ticket.  Not worth it for such a small sum of money.
I could not get a decent dressage horse with that sort of money.    Well I guess I could get one for around $1 million dollars and it would only cost me a few thousand each month.  But for the competition it would cost many thousands of dollars.
I do not think I would have enough left over for wine and my porn.
Plus I want to have enough money to put millions in  places like the Cayman Islands.
I want to be just like Mitt Romney when I grow up.

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