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Texas a hot bed… well hot everything

  It is only going to be 102 degrees today.    It will be 106 on Sunday.  Then  for the next today we will hit 110 degrees.  I am am not even sure I will stick my head out the door.
  I hope we do not lose power.  We have not but with everyone using lots of power you never know.

  The Tea Party is still blocking the raising of the debt limit.  We have about three days until the shit hits the fan. 
  Just at a time we need people that are open to other ideas and just at a time we need people that can reach across the aisle and compromise we end up with the fucking Tea Party.  They do not believe in compromise. 

  I have seen a number of reports about people on Social Security needing their money.  Everyone needs their money.  The families of the military need their money.  There are not very many people that can afford to miss a check. 
  I am one of them.  I get $1000.00 a month from Social Security and other than a check for $175.00 a month that is all I have to live on.  Out of that Social Security check I have to pay rent ($599.00), electric power ($137.00), Cable ($68.00), cell phone ($25.00) and food.  Plus a few other little bills.  If you do the math you will see there is not much left over.  In fact nothing left over. 
  Some of the Tea Party members have said that the government has the money to pay Social Security and other bills.  That is not true.  All the experts, all of them, say the same thing that next month unless the debt limit goes up the government can only pay 40% of the bills next month and it will be less and less each month.
  I do not think it is legal for the federal government to not pay members of Congress.  I suspect that there is a law or something to prevent that from happening because if the government could not pay Congress it would give to much power to the government.  It could be misused.  So I can see people like me not getting SS and members of Congress still getting their money.  I understand the thinking behind it … But man is that going to piss off some people.

  Congress should just raise the debt limit without any conditions.  The Republicans/Tea Party have created this entire emergency and they hope to blame the President and the Democrats somehow for it. 
  God save the United States.

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