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Mar 25 2009

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Amateur Radio

  I been interested in radio and communications for a long time.  My family had an old AM radio and I would turn it up at the high end and I could pick up a few shortwave radio stations.  I wanted a shortwave radio and I got one in 1955.  It was a Hallicrafters S-38D.  I then had a hobby of shortwave listening and I spent a great deal of time on my hobby.  
  I attempted to become a Ham but I could not past the code test.  Many years later I became a Ham and my call sign is NØUWY. 
  Ham radio is a great hobby and they provide great services to the public.  The hobby is not as popular as it was in the past.  Now that anyone can have a cell phone and have access to the Internet young people are not as interested in Ham radio.
  I think it is a great hobby and I recommend it to people.
  I just signed at HamTestOnline.Com it is a site that helps you study for the ham test.  I am going to try and get my General license.  Right now I am a Technician class ham.  The HamTestOnline site does charge a small fee for their service. To study for the General class it is $29.99 for two years. 

qslcard swl 

  In the photo above on the left you will see some of my QSL cards.  One is from Radio New York WorldWide (WRUL) and I did a DX program over WRUL for one year.  Also there is a QSL card for reception of Sputnik 1. 
  The photo on the right is me a long time ago.  Those were some fun days. 

Jim Howard
This was one of the first online sites in the world.

I got my first computer in 1978. It was a Radio Shack Model 1.
In 1982 I wrote BBS software, in BASIC, and started my bulletin board system (BBS). It was the 4th BBS in Kansas City. The BBS, at first, had one phone line and you had to connect at 300 baud.
The BBS was called Howard's Notebook. In 1995 when the world wide web was invented I moved Howard's Notebook to the web. Howard's Notebook is still going after all these years.

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