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  I been feeling bad the last day or two.  I been checking my blood pressure and it is high.  I took it about an hour ago and it said 165/89.  That is not good.  In fact it so so bad I wonder if is correct.  I took it just now and it was 153/66.
  This blood pressure device takes 4 AA batteries and it does not say it needs new batteries but I wonder.  I am having chest pain and I do have a headache and I can tell my BP is high. 
  I take medication at 1100 and 2300 and I just took my medication.  I will take my BP in about an hour. 

  I been trying out different ways to record my video blog.  I used the QuickCam software and one minute was 2 MB.  I then used WebCamMax and it was nice but the file size was 240 MB for one minute.  I used the AVS program and it was nice but the sound was out of sync. 
  No wonder I have high blood pressure.

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