YouTube is making improvements.  They just keep getting better and better. 
It is 0200 EST and I am getting ready to go to bed.  
  Later today I plan to make a couple of videos and upload to YouTube. 
  I think I will make a video about what it was like going to the movies when I was a kid.  I will make one on what it was like when TV came to Kansas City.  That is my plan right now but sometimes I will record something and it just does not turn out. 
  One mistake I make is I upload some of those bad videos.  I need to not upload stuff that I do not think is good.

  Russ has not called but he should have made it to Paris.  He still has a long ways to go to get to China.  His aircraft was a Boeing 747. 

Author: Jim Howard

I have always been into communications. In the early 1960s I put out a publication, "SWL", world wide. I also did a radio program that was broadcast or shortwave radio. It was broadcast over WRUL radio. I hosted a convention in Kansas City (MO). I was one of the founders of the very first People-to-People organization. In 1982 I started a bulletin board system called Howard's Notebook. It was one of the very first online sites. It was a "blog." This is before the world wide web was invented in 1995. I was one of the very first to stream online video. I attended One BBSCON in Colorado Springs (CO) in August of 1993. When the rest of the world caught on to what we were doing and invented the world wide web I moved Howard's Notebook to the web.

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