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Dec 20 2008

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  YouTube is making improvements.  They just keep getting better and better. 
It is 0200 EST and I am getting ready to go to bed.  
  Later today I plan to make a couple of videos and upload to YouTube. 
  I think I will make a video about what it was like going to the movies when I was a kid.  I will make one on what it was like when TV came to Kansas City.  That is my plan right now but sometimes I will record something and it just does not turn out. 
  One mistake I make is I upload some of those bad videos.  I need to not upload stuff that I do not think is good.

  Russ has not called but he should have made it to Paris.  He still has a long ways to go to get to China.  His aircraft was a Boeing 747. 

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Jim Howard

My name is Jim Howard. I was born in Kansas City (MO) in March of 1941.

This was one of the first online sites in the world.

I got my first computer in 1978. It was a Radio Shack Model 1.
In 1982 I wrote BBS software, in BASIC, and started my bulletin board system (BBS). It was the 4th BBS in Kansas City. The BBS, at first, had one phone line and you had to connect at 300 baud.
The BBS was called Howard's Notebook. In 1995 when the world wide web was invented I moved Howard's Notebook to the web. Howard's Notebook is still going after all these years.

Jason Scott put out a documentary called "BBS: The Documentary" about early days of bulletin boards in December of 2004. I am in that documentary. I am only in it for a few minutes but he recorded me for three and a half hours. He plans, someday, to post the interview with me on the Internet Archive.

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