The 45th school shooting this year

Yes welcome to America.  We have had
45 school shooting this year.
President Obama says that we need to deal with this in the political area.  The people and government needs to deal with this problem in America.

So how do the right wing pro gun people feel about this? Well the right wing hate site, RedState, has the headline “Our President is a Jackass!”
They say the President of the United States is “Evil.”

The gun lobby and the NRA are filled with joy.  Gun stores will be selling out all of their guns and ammo.  Since I was a teen the NRA and the pro gun nuts have been saying that the government is going to take away their guns.
For the six years that Obama has been President they have been saying he was going to take away their guns.

But all Americans want is real gun background checks.  Real gun laws that do not tie the hands of law enforcement.
In fact most NRA members believe we should have improved gun laws.

I have said for years and years that we need real universal background checks.
I also agree now that we need a ban on high-capacity magazines.
I also think now that there should be a real ban on military type weapons.


Clean your plate


Yes I ate it all!
Yes I ate it all!

 It does seem the older you get the more time flies.  It is October already.  Soon Christmas will be here.  Soon the year will be over with…

  I got a number of items yesterday.  I got the adapter that I have been waiting for and hooked up the Chromebook.  That lasted for a couple of hours.  I do not like the Chromebook.

I am back to having my new desktop computer hooked up and my old Dell Inspiron i660s.  So now on my Dell new computer I am running Windows 10 and Ubuntu 15.04 and on my old Dell desktop I have Linux right now.
Now I have to decide on what version of Linux I want on that old computer.  Not Ubuntu 15.04 because I can boot into that from my main computer.
So do I want Mate, Zorin 10, Ubuntu Studio, Manjaro or Linux Mint Cinnamon?
I have Ubuntu Studio on it now.  I think I will make it a dual boot and so make it Ubuntu Studio and Zorin 10.

 Yesterday I got a Vive Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer.  I have not done the review yet but I love it.
I also got another aroma diffuser to review.  This one I am using in my room.  Hilary has one in her area.  Jimmy, next door, has the other one.
So far I have only tried one of the fragrants.  I think the vaporized water will help in the winter time.  I will let you know.

The photo at the top of the post here was my dinner last night.  Hilary made it.  But it came frozen.  But she put all that on my plate.  I ate it all.  Too much food.  Why do I do that?

Active shooter Umpqua Community College

I’m listening to the “Oregon State Police and DOT, Douglas County Sheriff, Fire and SAR” scanner audio feed.

You can listen to it…

• Using your computer by going to

• Using an Android phone or tablet using the Scanner Radio app ( )

• Using an iPhone or iPad using the Scanner Radio Deluxe app ( )

The above links sent to me by Dick Williams – Kansas City MO


Tomorrow I will get the Cable Matters HDMI to VGA adapter.  When I get it I am going to remove my old Dell desktop computer and replace it with my Chromebook.  So then I will have my new Dell desktop and the Chromebook and I can switch between them.  I am not sure how I will like the Chromebook hooked up like that.  I have not  been a fan of the Chromebook.
Of course I will not be using Chromebook keyboard, touch pad or monitor. 

  I do wish I had a Chromebox. My Chromebook has 2 GB of memory and I would like 4 GB.

  I did three Amazon reviews today.  But I am getting about four things tomorrow to review.
I should not put off doing reviews.  I hate having them hanging over my head.

Wild organic Swedish Lingonberries

Hilary made a special trip across town to get Swedish lingonberries.  I told her we did not need them.  She said her Swedish meatballs had to have it.
She was correct.
Her Swedish meatballs were great.  I never heard of lingonberries.  I am going to be eating them from now on.
If Sweden has a lock on lingonberries we need to go to war to take over control of the lingonberries and forget about going to war for oil.

Hilary made a great meal.  She learned it from her husband’s family in Sweden I think.




Do not call list

If you follow me on Howard’s Notebook you will know that I am opposed to the death penalty.  I know that many Americans love the death penalty. 
Now if we are going to have the death penalty I want it used on business people that defraud Americans.  I would like to see crooks hung at the closing bell of the NYSE!
I wish our government would hunt down and attack from the air hackers that bring down the internet or steal data.
The people that run collection agencies the same. 
The worst of the worst are the people that run the corporations that dial phone numbers over and over again.  They break the law and do everything they can to get around laws.

I recently got a new cell phone number.  Since I got it I get about three phone calls a day (robot most of the time) trying to get me to take out a loan.  I block their number but they have some sort of setup that calls with a different number each time.

I just went and added my cell phone number to the national and the Texas do not call list.
But I bet it does not work.
No I want a death penalty for the people that run those corporations.

Please note I know.. the poor workers making the calls are not to blame.  They are victims also.
It is the CEO and the others at the top of the food chain.