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No ASUS Chromebook Flip 10.1 Today

 I was going to order the ASUS Chromebook Flip 10.1 today.  I just could not bring myself to spend the money ($249.00).  I had it in the Amazon cart but just could not push the buy now button.  I do think it is a good deal.  With the ability now to not only use Chrome apps but all the Android apps … wow…
I had a Chromebook before and gave it to a family member.  I am not a fan of laptops or of that Chromebook.  So just could not do it.
I do like some tablets.  

It is hard for me to not buy something.  I like buying things.  I like spending money.  That is not a good thing.  I am happy when I buy something.  But the feeling does not last long… I need to win a lottery.  Smile

Jim Howard 07/27/2016

Jim Howard 07/27/2016

Windows 10 Version 1607

You will not get Windows 10 Version 1607 until next week.  But I just got a second cumulative update just now for it.  I have been part of the Windows Insiders program.  So I have been getting updates, a lot of them, and this was another one.  

See Paul Thurrott’s blog about the first cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1607.  

Donald Trump does not want Ted Cruz’s endorsement

 I admit I never believed that Donald Trump wanted to run for President or that he wanted to be President of the United States.  He is just into improving his brand and that is his name.
I am surprised and shocked that this joke has got this far.  I have no idea what Donald Trump is going to do next.
Well I do know what he is going to do next… He is not going to get elected President of the United States.  He is a joke.  He is a dangerous joke for the nation.  He has done major harm to the Republican Party and he is putting us all in risk and danger.

He will not be elected.  I am sorry to say.. He does not care.
All he cares about  is  his band, his name, and the contents of his billfold.  Both of them will be worth more after he fucks us all over during this “campaign” or is it TV show.


If you watch the video of Donald Trump attacking Ted Cruz for the speech he made at the RNC I want to warn you.  Do not look at Gov. Mike Pence behind Trump.
The way he is looking will make you puke.  It is sort of like the way Gov. Chris Christie looked.  Different but both of the guys …wow.. I guess what I am saying is never stand with Donald Trump or behind him.

Here is a post by RedState.Com, a right wing hate site, about Donald Trump and now the Republican Party!

It does not mean what you think it means. Also .. he offered Ted a home? The Republican party was the home for conservatives long before it was home for preening autocratic, oligarchic, egomaniacal, orange-skinned, small-handed, big-government reality show celebrities, pal.

But Trump, being a dimwit and a Democrat in all but parenthetical letter (R), doesn’t know what a conservative is or what they think, or how important they are to the Republican party. He doesn’t know how much Ted Cruz represents that group and how many people he spoke for when he told people to vote their conscience up and down the ticket this November. But Trump will learn that. Or his voters will.

Keep dancing on the graves of your primary opponents, Donald. It’s going to work out great for you against Hillary. You absolutely fit right in here in “the stupid party.”

Melania Plagiarized Michelle Obama’s Speech

On Monday the big thing at the RNC was going to be Melania Trump’s speech.  She read the speech word for word from a teleprompter.
Day one would have been a good day for them.  The entire day would would have been OK for their own people. For the hard core, and stupid, 30% they would have had a day.  It would not work on the rest of it.
But since Trump seems to mess up everything … They would say … see we can at least have one day of not fucking up …

Then less than an hour after the speech it comes out that parts of Melania Trump speech was taken word for word from a speech of Michelle Obama.
My God what a fuck up.  She was reading a speech that had be written for her.  How could they fuck up like that?  Donald Trump is such a cheap person … Did he pay someone on Fiverr $5 to write the speech?  But how could they not check the speech?  Any one of us could have used Google to search for a few words from the speech and seen that it was stolen from Michelle’s speech.
Did one of Trump’s kids offer to write the speech and then steal it?

Now today … What in the world is Donald Trump going to say?  He is so stupid and he does all those Twitter posts … I think what he does and says today is going to be something to see.

This should be an interesting day.
God I would hate to be one of the people that has to go out and defend this … that has to sell what every Donald Trump wants them to say.  

People say that Donald Trump loves his family.  I am sure he loves anyone but Donald Trump.  I do not see how he can take it out on poor Melania.  But man ..he is going to be pissed at the speech writer.  But he should fire his entire staff.  How could they not check the speech?  My God .. if Donald Trump becomes President of the United States .. think about how he could run the government.  Think about the type of people he would appoint.

Melania Trump Can Read A Teleprompter

 The big deal  for the Republicans tonight, at their convention, was Melania Trump.  She can read.  Because she was reading from a teleprompter. Every word was on the screen for her to read.  Not sure who wrote it.

So you say big deal… sure she was reading it.. People use teleprompters.
Well the Republicans and Fox News was screaming for months if not years about any Democrat that used a teleprompter.  It was a subject that they were crazy on..

So now.. the key speaker at the RNC and the one everyone wanted to hear from.. the one that was going to tell everyone who wonderful her husband was.. had to read every fucking word.

Melania Trump said she had been with Donald Trump for 18 years.  That made me wonder how long was Donald’s Trumps first wife with him?  How long was his second wife with him?
Don’s first wife, Ivana Zelnickova, was with him for 14 years.  His second wife, Marla Maples, was with him for 6 years.

The Paris of the Plains

Please watch in Fullscreen & HD with sound for best quality.

Paris of the Plains is a time lapse I’ve been working on periodically for a little over a year now. With the recent growth in popularity of Kansas City, I thought it was fitting to show just a fraction of the beauty it holds in a more unique way.

The sequences used in this video were all shot on the Canon 6D and various lenses. Motion control was made possible by the amazing Dynamic Perception Stage Zero dolly system.

A timelapse wouldn’t be complete without an awesome track to cut the footage to. Here in Kansas City we are fortunate to have an extremely talented Zane Callister of Young Collective. It was really important to me to choose a local artist, and I’m lucky to have found Zane. The song is only a part of his amazing track The Faint Dotted Line. You can find more about Zane and Young Collective over at ZaneCallister.com


Copyright: Tim Lair Photography

Paris of the Plains from Tim Lair on Vimeo.

Donald Trump selects Mike Pence

Donald Trump has picked Gov. Mike Pence to be his vice president.  I have never heard of Mike Pence.  I know nothing about him.
I do not think Pence is going to help Donald Trump.  Well he might help with votes from Indiana.
As a Democrat I am happy with his pick… I do not think Mike Pence will help Trump.  If Donald Trump had picked someone with a presidential look that might have given Trump a few extra votes.
Thank God Pence does not look like Jed Bartlet.
In fact Mike Pence looks like Governor Ritchie.   


 Do you have an old PC desktop or old laptop?  You might have put Ubuntu on it or something else.
Well I just head about something new.  It is CloudReady by Neverware.  It lets you put the Chrome OS on your old computer.  You can make it dual boot or you can format and make it your only operating system.
I decided today to put it on my old desktop.  It is not a bad computer but I got a newer one.  So I am thinking it would make a pretty kick ass computer when it is running Chrome OS on it.

It is very easy to install.  There are some excellent YouTube videos on how to do it.  Just search for Chrome OS on old desktop or something like that.  Again it was very easy to install.

Here is are some links:   CloundReady Installation Tutorial – Chrome OS

Install Chrome OS On Your Old Laptop PC or Macbook



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