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ShowMe Cam: Howard’s Notebook PlayList

 Below is my YouTube PlayList for Howard’s Notebook.  I have over 400 videos on YouTube.  

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Jon Stewart’s Farewell to Fox News

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive Related posts: News and Blog Post about Guns and Comments Internet Dot-Com Addresses Began 25 Years Ago – Yahoo! News Jim Howard blogging since 1982! Say Everything and Say Nothing Little biography of Jim Howard Beck show ending on …

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Re-install of Windows 10

 The install of Windows 10 that I did was working great and I put a lot of work into it … installng files and programs.  If you know me ..You know what is coming next.. I formatted and re-installed Windows 10.  I was watching Twit yesterday and they talked about Windows 10 and they said …

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Drump Trump

   Today it will be 101 degrees.  A normal Monday here in the north part of Texas.  I am not English so I will not be going out in the noon day sun.  I will be taking a package to the mailbox before the sun comes up.  I will not be out at noon and …

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Dawson Tahana Tamatea – teacher

(CNN)It may be difficult to know how to express gratitude for a teacher we hold dear, but one school in New Zealand managed to find a befitting way to commemorate their tutor at his funeral. Dawson Tahana Tamatea, 55, a teacher at Palmerston North Boy’s High School in the North Island, passed away in his …

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Trump is driving me crazy!

I can not take another day of Trump

I have lived 74 years and seen  a lot at election time.  I made it all these years. It was hard making it sometimes. But Donald John Trump may just be too much.  I am not sure I can stand it any longer.  May God have mercy on us all!   Related posts: Companies to …

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90 days of Windows 10 Enterprise

  OK God help me .. I just could not stand everyone talking about Windows 10.  I downloaded Windows 10 but I could not find one product key that would work for me.  I do not know how many computers I have got over the years with Windows installed.  None of those OEM keys will …

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Religiously motivated attack

 Many years ago when I heard about the ultra-Orthodox Jews in Isreal I was a little suprised.  Then they were attacking other Jews that for driving or turning on lights or doing stuff like that.  Then we heard about the ultra-Orthodox Jews that moved into non-Jewish areas and when their own government sent the police …

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Missing condoms

  I can not remember losing a package or letter in the past.  I have had excellent luck with Amazon.  I love doing business with them. Well I placed an order for three items.  One item was sent alone and the other two items came in a different shipment. A Goggle guide and 12 condoms!  …

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Why do so many Americans have a negative opinion of Texas

Question That Contains Assumptions: Why do so many Americans have a negative opinion of Texans? Steven Franklin   Jealous of Texas? Seriously? No, here’s why many Americans have a negative opinion of Texas. 1. Every time America finds itself with a Texan in the White House, our country is dragged into another war. 2. While a …

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Rinse and Repeat by Old Fart Rants

Published on Jul 30, 2015 The Republican Party has gone completely off the rails – they have nothing to offer except clowns, lies, fear, and hate. Donald Trump said he’d love to have Sarah Palin on his team – not as his running mate because of course even a bloviated carnival barker like Trump knows …

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Fort Worth (TX) number 23 fire station.

Giving you the finger

 Is that a flying saucer at the top of the photo below? NO it is my finger.  Photo taken with my new cell phone and I need to find away to hold it so that I am not giving you all the finger. One review done today but about nine more to do.   Related …

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Lunch Monday July 27 of 2015

  It looks like it would not be too bad of a lunch right?  Well my feet and legs are swelling up pretty bad.  I think it is the salad dressing.  I put a lot of salad dressing on my salad. Related posts: Jim Howard blogging since 1982! Little biography of Jim Howard Say Everything …

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Photo taken with HTC Desire 816

Breakfast for July 27 of 2015

 I cancelled CBS Live again.  The service is not worth the price.  I added a bunch of apps to my cell phone.  A number of them I had paid for in the past.  That is pretty neat that Google Play or whatever it is keeps track of it and you just download again and install. …

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My Uber Rides

Jim Howard likes Uber

  I used Uber yesterday.  If you have a cell phone I recommend Uber.  I have used them a few times.  I have been very happy with the service.   I do feel sorry for cab drivers.  I know many of them have paid license fees and there are other issues.  But I love tech stuff …

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