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Mar 26 2015

Saw the doctor today

  I saw my doctor today.  I will have to fast and go back and have lab work done.  My blood work always puts me almost in the diabetes range.  He seems like he just can not wait for my lab readings to be a few points higher.
  I could ruin his fun by just giving up Coke.  That is all I drink.  No wonder my sugar level is high.

  He also is willing to send me to have Roto-Rooter work on my prostate.  I told him no prostate surgery.  He said maybe later I would be ready for it.  I do not think I will ever be ready.
  Windows 10 is still working great.  I think they have a winner with Windows 10.

  I am thinking of getting a Chromebox.  I would get one for sure if I had an extra monitor.  I only have one monitor.

  I am getting a Carbon Monoxide detector tomorrow to review for Amazon.  I will also do a review on YouTube of it.

  Well Windows 10 did an update today and now Civ V will not work.  I might just need to re-boot.  Civ V is the only game I play on the computer.

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Mar 24 2015

Should it be a law that you have to vote?

  Should it be a law that everyone has to vote in elections?
Remember with the United States began not everyone could vote.  Women and blacks could not vote.  Not only that you could only vote if you owned land!
  It might be good now to have a discussion about voting and about the issue of making it a law that people have to vote.  But I do not think such a law should be passed.
  The truth is that I know too many people that should not be voting and thank God they do not want to vote.  My ex-wife is one of them.  She has never voted!  She is 65 years of age. She does not think it matters who you vote for and things the Democrats and the Republicans are all the same. 

  I have always voted. The first President that I voted for was JFK.  I lived in Missouri but I was in Ohio at welding school so I had to vote by absentee ballot.
  This last election I could not vote.  I did not have a Texas state ID.  I had a Texas voter registration certificate and had it since I came to Texas five or six years ago.  But that was not good enough for the Republicans Texas state legislature.  If I had a gun permit they would have allowed me to vote.
  I am going to try and get out tomorrow and get over to a state ID office and get a state ID.  It will take me over two and a half hours to get there.  Then the same to get back home.  It takes three  buses to get to the state ID office.  So if I can  get out tomorrow I will have to spend five hours to get my state ID.  (A cab would cost me $20.00 each way in case you are wondering.)

  Shame on the Republicans.  The right wing (Republican) extremists are doing everything they can to prevent people from voting.  Shame on them.  That is so unAmerican that it breaks my heart.

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Mar 22 2015

Not long until I will be in DC

  Windows 10 (technical preview) is working great for me.  I have not had a crash.  I have not had any problems.  Civ V runs for me.  If I had a touch screen monitor I could even use a touch screen for Civ V.  Not sure if I would want to play it that way or not.
  I got to get in and see my doctor.  It has been six months and my Rx have run out.  He has it set to not refill until I see him. 
  I also GOT to get my ass out of here and get a state ID or I can not fly.
  I should have my eyes check.  I am having eye problems.  Of course it has been years and years since I had an eye exam and of course I never ware glasses. Not since I had to go to bifocals. The only reason I used the glasses was for driving.  I have not been driving for years which is a good thing because I do not have a DL. I also do not have a car.

  I watched a video on YouTube on how to put a repeater QRG and data into my Wouxum radio.  I got a couple in the radio.  I got a cable and software to use the computer to program the radio but I got a problem getting the computer to find a com port.  So doing it by hand.
  I got one repeater that hit from here in the radio.  That is KA5PQK on 442.1250 mHz.  They use a PL tone of 88.5 Hz and the repeater is in Fort Worth.  But it is connected to about 10 other repeaters in north Texas.  There EchoLink node number is 819618.  They have a weekly net on Thursday at 8 PM (Texas time).

  If I start monitoring the above repeater any hams that wanted to contact me could do so via that repeater.  If you are not local you could use EchoLink.

  If I can not get the programming software working for my HT then I will not be taking it to DC with me.  I am not going to try and put in DC repeaters by hand that is for sure.

  I hope I can come up with the money for a new cell phone to take to DC.  I want the HTC Desire 816 Black.  It has great audio and two cameras and the rear facing is 13 MP.  It also has a 5.5 inch display.  My hope is that I can give up carrying a digital camera and use the cell phone camera.

  I guess I need to make a YouTube video soon and do a capture of my desktop and show you what Windows 10 looks like on my computer.

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Mar 21 2015

I have Windows 10 running

  I tried in the past to get the Windows 10 Technical Preview installed and working on my Windows 7 computer.  It would load a big file and then do a check and say that it would not work.
Today I ran the install and it worked.  I now have Windows 10 Technical Preview installed.
I like it so far.
It has not crashed yet but I expect I will have problems.
A few things bug me.  But it is just a matter, I think, of learning how to use it.
Everything was opening to a full screen. I could not make the screens smaller.
I had to get Russ in here and ask his help.
One of the options you have is do you want to display in tablet mode, windows mode or a few other.  It was set for tablet mode.  So when I put it into window mode it looks like it works great.
I just did it so I need to play with it.

I also need to see if all of my programs will work.  I expect some of them will now work.

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Mar 19 2015

Movie: Paycheck

Please I need a memory wipe!

Please I need a memory wipe!

  I have problems finding good movies to watch.  Yesterday I watched over half of “Paycheck.”  I got some time invested in the movie now. But I do not think I am going back and watching the rest of it.  I am tried and confused and tired of all the “action.”  Truth is I do not think I care about what happens to any of the people in the movie.
I need a memory wipe.  Yes, that is what I need.


“…In the near future, Michael Jennings (Affleck) is a reverse engineer; he analyzes his clients’ competitors’ technology and recreates it, often adding improvements beyond the original specifications. To protect his clients’ intellectual property and himself, Jennings, with the aid of his friend Shorty (Giamatti), undertakes a memory wipe to remove knowledge of his engineering.

Jennings is approached by his old college roommate, James Rethrick (Eckhart), the CEO of the successful Seattle technology company Allcom. Rethrick proposes a lengthy three-year reverse engineering job to Jennings, requiring him to live on Allcom’s secured campus until its conclusion but rewarding him handsomely with company stock. Jennings agrees and, after arranging for his long-term absence, arrives at Allcom, turns in his personal possessions, and is given a brief tour of the facility where he meets and flirts with botanist Dr. Rachel Porter (Thurman). He is injected with a long-term memory marker for the post-job memory wipe…”    Wikipedia

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Mar 18 2015


Published on Jan 16, 2015

MTN Global’s latest brand commercial tells the story of a little boy who discovers, via MTN’s world class internet, that it is very simple to build a homemade radio that will allow him to actually speak to an astronaut in space. He tries and fails and tries again, using the New World of MTN to embark on a journey of discovery that takes a rather unexpected turn. Because that’s the thing about discovery, there’s always more to discover.

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Mar 17 2015

Problems with Chrome

  I been a fan of the Chrome browser for a long time.  Just a few weeks ago I removed Firefox and IE from my computer.  But recently Chrome has been causing problems.  I have noticed if I run the Windows Task Manager there will be ten or more versions of Chrome.Exe running.  In fact I just shut down Chrome browser and I opened up Windows Task Manager and there are ten Chrome.Exe right now!

I been having my mouse act crazy for the past few weeks or maybe even months… A long time.
I installed today Firefox because my mouse was acting up on checking out sites with Chrome.
I have not had any mouse problems with Firefox today.

I think they have “improved” Chrome browser to the point that they have messed it up.  OK OK I admit I add a number of extra functions to it.  But they are all things that I feel I need and that I use.

I maybe giving up on Chrome on my PC.  I can not give up on Chrome browser on my Chromebook.


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Mar 16 2015

I am a Chromebook fan now

  I still do like laptops.  I want to use a desktop computer.  I hate using a laptop computer. 

But I do like my new Chromebook computer.  I love the Chrome O/S.  Over 95% of the stuff I do each day is just stuff using a browser.  It might be more than 95%. 

With Chrome no Windows shit.  No worry about virus or malware or crashes.

One of these days I am going to get a Google Chromebox and cut the cord to Windows.

I got the Chromebook for my trip to DC in April.  I also got it so my ex-wife could use it when she does not feel like getting out of bed.  She can not stand or walk and she has to set in her wheelchair to work with her desktop computer and the chair is hurting her leg.

I also wanted to have a back up computer on hand.
I had forgot all about the Chromebox computer.  Now that I have seen the Chromebook in operation I would not have a problem buying a Chromebox to use as a desktop computer.  You can buy one for $150.00 or $200.00 and it will do everything I need a computer to do.

I would buy one now but I am wanting to get a new cell phone.  I have had the same one for years and it is time to move up with a better cell phone.  I plan to stick with an HTC phone.  I have been very happy with my HTC EVO 3D and with Virgin Mobile service.

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Mar 15 2015

New mouse

I got a new mouse for my PC. It is a Sentey Gaming Mouse. It was $30.00 from Amazon. It is great. I will do a review on it later. I will post it here when I do the review.
  I  have a number of mice.  They are all good.  But I started to have a problem with all of them.  The problem would even show up if I used dual boot and went into Ubuntu.  So I just could not think what the problem might be with them.
  When I got the new mouse it was great but that problem was still there.

  So I decided to see if I could find out what was wrong.
  The new mouse has a “Lift” button for adjustment.  I guess that is something that gamers know about.  I never heard about it. 
Well the “Lift” adjustment fixed the problem.

My problem was that sometimes when I moved the mouse across the screen it would stop for just a small amount of time and then restart.  
  Now that I know what the problem is it may have started after I washed my mouse pad.
  But “Lift” is the distance between the LED or lazer on your mouse and the mouse surface (mouse pad).
  I used the ajustment and the problem I had been having for weeks, if not months, was fixed.
So a new mouse with “Lift” adjustment fixed the problem.  A new mouse pad might have fixed the problem.

  More later on this subject.

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Mar 09 2015

Google Search or Bing Search


Bing Rewards   Dashboard 

I think everyone uses Google Search.  I know I have been using them for years and years.  Poor Microsoft has Bing Search.  It might be as good as Google.  Hell it might even be better but they can not get anyone to use it.
Well I just found out that Bing now has a reward program.  They call it Bing Rewards.

  If you use Bing they reward you with credits and you can redeem them for gift cards or other things!

I just signed up for it so I will let you know how it works out.


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