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May 29 2015

Bernie Sanders – The President We Need

Published on May 12, 2015

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Read about Bernie’s platform: http://www.berniesanders.com/issues

* Rebuilding our Crumbling Infrastructure
* Addressing Climate Change
* Real Tax Reform
* Protecting the Most Vulnerable Americans
* Health Care as a Right for All
* Taking on Wall Street
* Making College Affordable for All
* Trade Policies that Benefit American Workers
* Pay Equity for Women Workers
* Raising the Minimum Wage
* Growing the Trade Union Movement
* Creating Worker Co-Ops

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DISCLAIMER: This video was made by a member of the grassroots community and and is not affiliated with the Official Bernie 2016 campaign.


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May 26 2015

Roku 2 Streaming Media Player on Friday


Waiting for my Roku 2

Waiting for my Roku 2

I have ordered the Roku 2 (4210R) streaming media player.  I should get it on Friday.  I think it is going to work out for me and will be so glad to have it.  I just have digital over the air TV on my TV set.  It sucks.  I get weak signal a lot of the time on a channel I want to watch.
  I watch Netflix and Hulu Plus stuff on my computer monitor.  I want to put all that stuff on the TV set and keep the computer free for me to do email, post blog stuff and work on YouTube videos.  So it looks like on Friday I will have a Roku 2.  I would have liked to have got a Roku 3 because of the USB port.  But I will be happy with the Roku 2.

I am still running Ubuntu (well Zorin 9) on my computer.  I do not have Windows on my computer.  I have given up on Windows.  I am just tired of messing with their shit.  I hope I can stay away from Windows.  But I have paid for so many Windows programs and used Windows for so such a long time…  I keep thinking about going back to the dark side.

You may have noticed that I have someone else going to post to Howard’s Notebook.  I think it will be interesting to read the blog post of a working man in China.  He has told me many things that I did not know about.  It is interesting to read about how other people live.  It is interesting to see how they feel about issues.
So look for more posts from him.  He can post as often as he wants.  I think he will be posting about one time a week.


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May 26 2015

Made in China

Hi, everyone, I love you all, as a rookie writer for the long-standing blog, I was too humbled to know what to say actually for a long time, I think, for starters, I should talk more about topics that resonate well between you and me, say, the fact or the truism that China is the world factory, it is our factory as well as your factory, the fact that workers in China are being exploited and weeping while your bosses in the world are laughing, the fact that America’s leading the world and China’s rapid ecnomic and social growth has thrown you into fear and anxiety and the like, but whimsically, you would say I have gone stray, but I would like to start with sex, which I deem as a more resonating topic that would bond us well.
The reasons for the bold move risking a chance to scare away someone are as follows in two ways: 
1. Sex not only reminds me of the very thing that everyone is keen to do in private, but also reminds me of human as one species in nature and our overpopulation. It was reported the ceiling numbers of people the earth could bear would be 7 billions as it is now but the world is still expanding its population. We are doomed if compounding the trend by having more people, as our earth, a vulnerable tiny ball, has already been stretched now to feed as many as 7 billion people. Behold China, if China had not adopted the “One Child Policy”, it would not have made achievements it shows today and it would have been caught up in distress, rendering a disaster to both China and the world at large.
However, more often than not, people outside China would take aim at the policy arguing it’s a violation of human rights, we have to say they might be totally wrong, cause population in China is far more urgent an issue to be addressed than human rights, in fact, we are benefiting from the introduction of the policy now, without the policy, far more people in China would only constitute a heavy burden and drag down China’s long term development; besides, given the “tiny ball” has apparently reached its full capacity of population, China’s birth control policy itself serves a great contribution to the world prosperity;
2. Sex reminds me of a story that I read the other day that was about many Australian men are now coming to China to pick brides or mistresses, I think just like bolts and nuts produced in varied models would not match each other, Australian White men’s bolts and Chinese Yellow women’s nuts would not be a match, it would only be nigtmares for their “hard work”, they thought they would enjoy, no way. But it reveals a bigger trend currently happening in the world, namely, almost everything in the world, even wifes or lovers, is made in China, China is feeding the world, China’s women are contributing to the feeding and gratifying role in the world too.
I once heard some of you tend to say no to “Made-in-China” in a complex mood, but you have no alternative when you find all the shelves in the supermarket are stacked with them, when your bosses are pressing ahead with relocating their factories to low labor cost China, when your vendors are rushing to trade with China where stands countless factories while it’s hard to find a local factory in your place, all of which have been shut down. Who is to blame, your bosses who have moved their factories away? Or China who’s been accused of snatching your jobs away whose workers are being exploited by long-hour work and low pay? No one would be happy to shoulder the blame, so we have to blame sex, cause from the perspective of Freud, the Austrian psychoanalysist, sex is our root cause and driving force to seek a better life, for which we human beings have indeed paid a lot.
Anyway, we should set our sight more on positive sides about the trade and cooperation between China and the world. In the long run, it is a double-win, a way and the only way leading to joint prosperity, security and stability. You would come to realize how unsustainable it would be for the world to develop in an imbalanced way, just by looking at how desperate people from needy Africa are trying to immagrate illegally to better-off Europe now.

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May 24 2015

I can hear you now.. TINNITUS

  I have had tinnitus …well since I was a young child I think.  I never told a doctor about it and I never attempted to get help for it.  I think, to me, it sounds like loud crickets. But I am not sure I am good at telling what it sounds like.
  I have had a lot of hearing loss in both ears since I was a kid.  I should have seen a doctor about it.  It would have been nice to have lived a life without the sound of crickets in my head 24/7.
  The first jobs I had were welding.  For ten years I was a welder (boilermaker) building railroad cars and later large trucks.  I already had hearing damage and loss but working in shops for ten years could have caused the damage if I already had not had it. But it had to make the problem worst.


“Tinnitus (/tɪˈnaɪtəs/ or /ˈtɪnɪtəs/) is the hearing of sound when no external sound is present.[1] While often described as a ringing it may also sound like a clicking, hiss, or roaring.[2] Rarely unclear voices or music is heard.[3] The sound may be soft or loud, low pitched or high pitched, and appear to be coming from one ear or both.[2] Most of the time it comes on gradually.[3] In some people the sound causes depression, anxiety or interferes with concentration.[2]

Tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom that can result from a number of underlying causes. One of the most common causes is noise-induced hearing loss. Other causes include ear infections, disease of the heart or blood vessels, Meniere's disease, brain tumors, exposure to certain medications, a previous head injury, and earwax.[2] It is more common in those with depression.[3]

The diagnosis is usually based on the person's description. Occasionally the sound maybe heard by someone else using a stethoscope in which case it is known as objective tinnitus. A number of questionnaires exist that assess how much tinnitus is interfering with a person's life.[3] People should have an audiogram andneurological exam as part of the diagnosis.[1][3] If problems are found medical imaging by MRI is recommended. Those who have tinnitus that occurs with the same rhythm as their heartbeat also need further testing.[3]

Prevention involves avoiding loud noise.[2] If there is an underlying cause, treating it may lead to improvements.[3] Otherwise typically management involves talk therapy.[4] Sound generators or hearing aidsmay help some.[2] As of 2013, there are no effective medications.[3] It is common, affecting about 10-15% of people. Most however tolerate it well, with it being a significant problem in only 1-2% of people.[4]The word tinnitus is from the Latin tinnīre which means "to ring".[3]  Wikipedia

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May 24 2015

Test of Publish to WordPress Chrome App

  This is a test.  I am using Google Documents.  So I am in Google Drive.  I will create this post and then if everything works OK right from here I can upload this to Howard’s Notebook and we will see what it looks like.

  May 24, 2015 2:31:14 AM.jpg

  So far so good.  The link to Howard’s Notebook was easy to put in the text.
I just took the above photo using my Logitech C920 and keep in mind that I am running Zorin 9 (Ubuntu).  So this is all being done in Google Docs.  The big test I think is going to be uploading to my blog from this site.

  OK this might work I see on the menu at the top there is “Add-ons” and one of the options is Publish to Word Press.



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May 23 2015

Rhian Touches Herself HD


Uploaded on Sep 14, 2011

Lingerie model and page 3 girl Rhian Sugden shows us her raunchy side in this darkly seductive short film shot by world renowned photographer Rankin.
http://www.MrTesticles.com @MrTesticles @Rhianmaire

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May 23 2015

Surprise money

 I am one of those Americans that lives on a “limited income.”  That sounds so much better than saying I am poor.  But I feel poor and I am poor.  I do not own a car.  I can not afford a car.
 But I know that there are people that would think that I am not poor.  I am not homeless.  I live in a nice apartment with heat and AC.  I never miss a meal.  It is not always the meal I would like but I eat well. You can tell I eat well by looking at me.  I have health insurance.  If I need to see a doctor I can see a doctor.
I have television and high speed Internet service.
I do not drink or smoke and I do not pay for porn.  (You noticed I said I do not “pay” for porn correct?)

I do buy high tech stuff from time to time.  I can not afford Apple stuff but I get toys to play with from time to time.
Next week I am going to order a Roku 3 so that I can watch Netflix and Hulu Plus on my television set.  My television is a 26 inch Sharp.

OK I am not poor.  But I am on limited income.  I get Social Security each month and $175.00 retirement money for 18 years of working for a hospital.
When it gets near the end of the month I start to run out of money.
Last night I was broke. Today I just happened to check my bank account and I had an extra $102.00 in the bank.  I got the money from Google.  I get about $20.00 a month from Google, for my YouTube videos, but they only pay when you have $100.00 in earnings.  It is so little I forget about it and do not even keep track of it.  So it was a welcome surprise.  I am rich.   :-)

I am sure you are going to be hearing about Roku next week.  I bet you hear a great deal about Roku.  I do not have cable TV.  I am signed up for Netflix and Hulu Plus.  I watch them on my computer monitor.  But it will work out much better, I think, watching them on a TV set.


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